Our Professional Team

REO-PROCommercial is not a Real Estate Company but a division of CTAC Commercial which is the Commercial Real Estate Section of Colorado Towne and Country, LLC a 25 year old Full Service Real Estate Company located in Lakewood, Colorado and servicing the entire eight county Denver Metro Area and many of the outlyingMountain and Resort Communities also.
In order to Manage and Sell Commercial REO and Foreclosure Properties effectively and at the Highest Value and Return, one or more of the following services may be needed:
  • Leasing and Rent Collections (Including Assignment When Necessary)
  • Specific and Itemized Accounting
  • Daily Management and Maintenance
  • Emergency Services and Property Specific Services
  • Repairs and Property Improvements required by local Government
  • Property Specific or Special Use Requirements
Our Experienced Marketing and Sales Division, CTAC Commercial, Can Effectively Market and Sell assigned REO and Foreclosure property while REO-PRO Commercial Services can offer the temporary management and preparation needed to make individual Commercial Properties Marketable. Timely Sales and Quality Marketing are the most important Services that CTAC can offer. We offer all of these Services and Experienced, Qualified Personnel in place and ready to begin Service on Short or Pre-arranged Notice.
Different Types of Commercial Properties Require Different Management Expertise. We work with several Property Management Companies that specialize in:
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Farm & Ranch
Few Property Management Companies Are Able to Service All Types of Properties.
We have created a team of Licensed Real Estate Brokers, Experienced Maintenance People, as well as Computer and Digital Media Professionals who possess both the Technical Resources and Industry Experience to run an Efficient and Highly Organized Service for each individual property.

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